Virginia, Meet Natural Gas

Your Clean Energy

Traveling through pipelines and into our homes, American-made natural gas is transforming Virginia. It’s helping the environment, making renewable energy possible, driving economic growth and providing affordable energy. Now it is time for Virginia to fully realize these benefits. Join us to support clean, affordable energy for Virginia.

Virginia's Future

Our families and businesses are at a disadvantage today because Virginia lacks critically needed natural gas pipelines. Building new infrastructure, such as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline, will help control energy costs, create new jobs and strengthen our communities.

Support America's Security

When Virginia uses natural gas, we support a stronger America. By using American-made natural gas, we help lower our nation’s dependence on foreign and sometimes hostile nations—and we put our energy dollars back into the American economy.

Your Clean Energy Choice

Natural gas delivers energy that is reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly. It is the primary source of backup energy that enables wind and solar power. It also keeps our homes warm, powers local businesses and makes our air cleaner without the economic, environmental and reliability issues of other energy sources.

Jobs and Economic Growth

Virginia needs to seize the best opportunities to create jobs, strengthen our economy and help our communities. Increasing access to affordable natural gas will support business growth, attract new jobs and help power Virginia’s economy forward.